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Do you have a business or organization that needs press and exposure? For a very limited time only, we are offering national a local specific businesses and organziations to take advantage of our Free 2 print magazine issues Full Page Promotion and 60 days of online ads.


Launching Life Lessons Magazine in Cleveland Oh, Chicago Il, Atlanta, Ga, Houston Tx, Phoenix Az,

Dallas Tx,  and New York City Ny

1st and 2nd Quarter 2016

New York Magazine
Dallas Magazine
Chicago Magazine
Houston Magazine
Phoenix Magazine
Cleveland Magazine

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*** Your Ad Design is not included. Ad Designs include a full page "high-end press ready" magazine design and online banner ad as seen on the left. 

Life Lessons Magazine is a subsidary of iPayal Incorporated, a Scottsdale AZ company.

download our press release for detailed information (marketing companies only).

Magazine Ad Design


The magazine ad design and accompanying online ad will be created by out top notch designers who understand the value in your brand. Keep your ad design for future promotion with us or any other advertisment medium.


Targeting & Distribution


Life Lessons Magazine is a magazine about the experiences of the very people who support and purchase your products and services. We target the following interest groups: Cooking,Business, Music/Arts, Relationship, Travel, Health and more. (see press release for more information).


Total estimated distribution = 15-25,000 local and online readers within your promotional period.



Release of Print and Online Content (deadline)


The release of our magazine will start early 1st quarter 2016 (Jan-Feb) and end mid- 2nd quarter 2016. You must submit your request prior to January 14th 2016 to take advantage of this offering. Online Content will begin the same time of the release of our introductory issues in the cities listed above.


The Promotion


Our goal in promoting our magazine is to also highlight local businesses. We are offering this free promotion to prove our value as a worthy advertisment medium before we set a solid ad pricing matrix.


This promotion is offered to most businesses and organziations except for businesses and organizations that promote strong sexual or violent services or ideas.