6 page full feature special offer

$6.64 per day  (offer ends soon)


Limited Space | Limited Time | Available New York only


(standard corporate rate $25 per day | offer ends October 30th 2016)

90 day exposure | 500+ issues | 100+ locations



Instead of "selling magazines",  that end up in stacks in a garage, under beds and more,  we place them in strategic locations throughout the city of Phoenix where they can be managed and thousands of consumers can consistently engage/read them daily for free! 


The strategic locations are all in places where consumers, live, work, shop and play such spas, salons, hotels, bed-n-breakfast, timeshare resorts, car dealerships, law firms, dr. offices, hospitals and more! 

Life Lessons Magazine is a subsidary of iPayal Incorporated, a Scottsdale AZ company. 2015 All rights Reserved.

Contact an agency representative @ advertise@ipayal.com or for more information regarding article features and more call 480.692.0312.

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Expand Your Brand

70% off standard Corporate Advertisement Rate


Must be classified as a "Small Business/Mid-Size Corporation" to qualify.  Only 10 available spaces. Limited Time Offer. Ends October 30th 2016

 Life Lessons Magazine Small Business Advertising Initiative

90 day marketing

reach up to 800,000 local consumers 

Life Lessons Magazine will place your ad in a single issue in as many as 200 locations in Phoenix where thousands of consumers wait for service every day such as Dr. Offices, Salons, Spas, Car dealerships, Law Offices, Bed-N-Breakfast and more. The issue will remain in those locations for 6 months with weekly managed oversight for theft, while ensuring the quality of the magazine remains at new or fairly mint condition.

it's our

premium quality

Why do Consumers Choose Our Magazine?

The Life Lessons Magazine brand represents quality and EASILY sticks out as the choice for reader in hundreds of waiting areas, where magazines are mostly mismanaged, stolen or in horrible conditions. From the 8 1.5 x 11 size to the quality of the print itself speaks volumes about our brand. In fact, we offer only full page and spread ads so that readers can deeply engage our magazine and sponsors through large imagery. (see how we manage below)

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celebrity features

and magazine editions

While we feature mostly "everyday people", we also showcase stories from many in Hollywood, such as model and actress Meagan Good and husband Devon Franklin on the right.





Register to become one of our top small business features in our special edition issue!

6-page spread featuring your

small business to 3.5 mILLION  IN nyc

Small Business Advertising Initiative!

6-page full business feature offer at life lesson smagazine

The goal of our small business advertising initiative is to help small business grow and associate their brands with the best at a very low introductory cost. Discover our incentives below!

BRAND power


Advertise beside $50 billion in brand value

Life Lessons Magazine represents the best in quality and business, showcasing over $50 Billion in Brand power, with some of the best in the industry. We connect small business through our ad initiative program to major brands, helping them establish an even greater brand through association and marketing. We even help design your ad to ensure your image is just as consistent as some of the largest brands in the world that are represented in our magazine.

major brand association

Our magazine is one of the highest quality magazines in the market, with over $50 Billion in brand power, helping small business associate their brands with the best in the industry.

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3.5 mill local consumer reach

For 90 days consecutive, we will place your business feature in over 400 magazine issues in over 100 locations for thousands of consumers to view daily.  

Our Method

Full Spread Advertisement by Lincoln Luxury

Full Spread Advertisement by Lincoln Luxury

Full Spread Advertisement by Lincoln Luxury

Full Spread Advertisement by Lincoln Luxury

life lessons content has

unlimited reach

We feature the lives and stories of anyone who has "experiences" and "lessons learned." Our content ranges from a fastfood worker to celebrity entertainers and high networth individual like entertainment mogul, Nicholas Frankl on the left.

Germaine Moody Cover in Life Lessons Magazine

Take advantage of our small business initiative advertisement opportunity today!

Call 480.692.0312 and speak directly to the managing director

of Life Lessons Magazine during this special limited time opportunity. 


Men: 27-55

Women: 23-65

Education: 60% (college educated) 20% (some college) 20% (high school education/Phd)

Income: Medium household $55,000

Ethnicity: Diverse (20% black/african american/50% white caucasian/30% hispanic(other))

Your ad will be placed in up to 500 magazines in 100 locations for 90 days consecutively, which includes Dr. Offices, Law Offices, Boutique Hotels, Car Dealerships, Spas, Salons, Barbershops and others.

Estimated daily potential reach: 5,000 - 15,000

Estimated ad cycle potential reach: 450k -1.3 million


feature design

You will be interview over the phone to set-up your 6-page feature. Your design feature will incorporate large imagery to fit the narrative of your business lesson as well as incorporate dynamic ways to promote your business.

Number of magazines: 500

Number of locations: 100

Estimated total daily reach potential: 15,000 (high) 5,000 (low)

Estimated cost per exposure $0.0045 (high) / $0.0015 (low)

cost per exposure(non-corporate rate)

corporate rate (non-small business)

Large corporate sponsorship rate: $30 per day. Invoicing options do not apply. To take advantage of our special offer, your business must gross revenue under $10 million per year.

We promote some of the most popular brands in the world. Your artwork design must meet a very high design quality to be considered. Review the creative artwork design specifications and submit to our design department or simply have our professionals do the work for you. See our small business promotional offer for special introductory design pricing and ad placement.

Printing Web Offset; Binding: Perfect Bound; Magazine Final Trim Size: Width 8.5” x Depth 11” 300 DPI MINIMUM
*For critical more customized artwork, please contact our advertisement design department



General Digital Advertising
Material Requirements


Every ad must have two (2) contract proofs
regardless of delivery mode. All contract proofs
must be made to SWOP (Specifications Web
Offset Publications) standards. SWOP standards
are available at www.swop.org.

Follow these instructions for
submitting ad artwork

(general submission)

All external ad designs must be approved by our ad
design department.
1.) Email in a zip file “dropbox” style sending
mechanic to designs@ipayal.com
2.) Caption your subject line: “New Ad Submission”
3.) Ensure your designs meet the standard design
specifications as listed in this Press Media Kit
prior to delivery. If you have questions contact us
prior to submission. If you need designs created
that meet the quality standards of any major
brand as well as our internal specifications,
please contact our design department.
a. See rate sheet for ad design cost
b. Contact designs@ipayal.com for more

Follow these instructions for
submitting ad artwork

(promotion only)

All external ad designs must be approved by our
ad design department.
1.) Send your Proofs to designs@ipayal.com via
email or “dropbox”.
2.) Caption your subject line: “New Ad
Submission: Promotion”
3.) Be sure to review the entire unit design for
specification requirements if you are
submitting your own design. The pricing will be
reduced by ½.
4.) Please include your business contact
information such as name, phone number,
and best time to reach you so that a design
representative can contact you to discuss your
design work for the ad placement.

Press Ready PDF Files Only (PDF/X-1a) Images 


Use high resolution images. 300 DPI is
recommended. • RGB and LAB color are
unacceptable. • Images should not have ICC profiles
embedded. • Avoid scaling images. If you must, do
not scale below 50% or above 110%. • Total Area
Coverage should not exceed 300%.

Layout and Designs


Build documents in Portrait mode without scaling
or rotation. • Remember, follow the design marker
listed in this Press Kit for all trimming and
bleeding markers • Do not allow marks to
encroach upon the trim or bleed areas.

Transparent Images/Objects


All transparent objects must be flattened at a high
resolution. • Avoid placing transparent objects on
top of text or other critical vector objects.



Overprinting objects may not reproduce
correctly when printed and will sometimes
disappear completely. We recommend
creating objects exactly as you want them
to appear without relying on an overprint



Only use CMYK colors; convert spot colors
to process.



Always embed all fonts.

Do not allow font substitutions.
Do not use True Type 

Creative Design Units | Specifications

advertise in our magazine

Get a Full Page or Spread ad design in our upcoming issue in Phoenix Az for as low as $399 for 90 days! See design specs below or call us to get more information!



Whether a person reads (word for word) the magazine or not, the large high quality imagery tells the story without a massive onslaught of ads, chaotic designs and other distractions - allowing a much enjoyable reading and entertainment experience.  Get a Free copy and see the quality for yourself.  

we protect & manage your ad & brand

We ensure that our magazines are always in perfect condition and available for readership by the thousands daily by  monitoring all locations every week. If they are less than perfect or have been stolen, we replace them with new ones. We do this so that during your advertisement tenure, your brand is always held in a medium that presents the best in quality and more importantly, is available for viewership by thousands daily.

We simply provide the most comprehensive, quality driven approach to marketing your brand.

premium magazine & content

The size, look and feel along with the vast amount of personalities, including celebrities, speaks for itself. Get a free copy of our recent issue and see for yourself.

Check out Quality
How We Manage

 We visit all 100 plus locations weekly to ensure that our magazine and ad sponsors are always seen in the highest quality or we replace them.

brand management

90 days marketing

Your feature is not placed in our magazine and sold but rather marketed and managed for 90 days in over 100 locations where thousands consumers gather daily.

Take Advantage

6-page business spread design

We will create a 6 page full feature for your business that's large, colorful and connects to thousands in the local Phoenix market



FALL  2016 issue | now available

Bi-Monthly & Special Edition Magazine Coverage


a collection of media brands

Life Lessons Magazine, partnering with Opulence Media Group is a multi-media, branding collaboration focused on providing high quality content and advertising mediums to small, medium and large corporations.






A feature in our Magazine will allow you to connect to thousands of consumers in a very intimate way while offering them a discount for reading!  Click below to see an example of our 6-8 page business spread!


Life Lessons Magazine will give your business location free and unlimited issues for your waiting office guest. 

(over $1,500 plus value)

free-unlimited magazine issues for your business