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TK, Morgan

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Kyera Dalesandro

STORIES AND MORE scheduled April 15th

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Life Lessons Magazine represents some of the most recognizable brands in the world including the stories told by the most amazing people in our universe, you. It is highly important that you only submit images that are of high quality (includes photos taken by phones) and do not have language or graphics that promote nuidty, violence, vularity or over-sexual content/images/graphics in any part of the photo including on articles of clothing. The size of your images should be a minimum of 700 pixels wide. If any distortion within your images are found, your image (s) may be unaccepted. You are allowed to submit multiple images for more/better options.


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Get ready for one amazing story by a rising reality star. Kyera speaks to Life Lessons Magazine about her amazing experience of letting  go of everything to achieve her hearts desires.

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